Thursday, 18 October 2012

Facebook overhauls Android SDK to help app makers reach more people

In what the company is describing as the biggest overhaul yet, Facebook today released a new SDK for Android designed to help app makers on the platform get their Facebook-enhanced applications in front of more of the social network’s 1 billion members.

“With this update, our SDK provides advanced functionality that makes it easier to build more immersive social experiences, as well as better distribute and promote your app,” Facebook engineer Michael Marucheck wrote Thursday in a blog post.

The updated Android SDK, currently in beta, comes with more native user interface controls such as new friend picker (pictured) and login designs, tools that streamline the user authentication process, improved support for the Facebook API, and means to measure clicks and installs for the mobile app install ads released publicly yesterday.

In addition to the SDK release, the social network gifted its Android developers with a beefed-up developer center. The center includes tutorials, reference documentation, sample code, and additional tools for building social applications.

Photo credit: gp sachs [à Montréal]/Flickr

Steffi Graf Chyna (Joanie Laurer)

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