Modern Family (ABC)

It’s hard to believe but Halloween is already here. While the children work on their trick or treat skills, we’re looking at some fun, innovative and most important of all, entertaining, Halloween television episodes.

There are classics like “Friends,” which had Ross mistakenly dressed as doo-doo (he was actually Spudnik), and had Joey dressed as Chandler and Chandler dressed as a big pink bunny. Another classic is “Rosanne,” where the head of the household and comedienne extraordinaire dressed up like an 80′s “Purple Rain” era Prince.

Some of today’s biggest television hits, such as “Modern Family,” “Glee,” and the always hilarious “How I Met Your Mother,” have all gotten in on the All Hallow’s Eve action.

Even new shows that are still finding their footing have gained ground with fun, festive episodes. These include “New Girl,” “Happy Endings” and “The New Normal.”

Check out the photo gallery below and let us know, which television show do you think had the best costumes?