Saturday, 17 November 2012

10 Question for Project Runway All Stars Season 2

Photo: Lifetime

1. Is a two second clip of Andre’s facial expressions worth a thousand GIFs?

2. Does Ivy not realize her inspirational photo is of a dead butterfly?

3. Is Joanna Coles too cool/important/embarrassed to chaperone the designers to Mood a la Tim Gunn?

4. Did the same Kevin in Massachusetts take both Joshua’s and Laura’s photos? (Eagle eye, right here!)

5. Since when is Joshua an authority on appearing humble?

6. Why is Andre reluctant to think he’s an “outsider?” Has he never watched himself back on tape?

7. Is the real lesson learned from Project Runway that, in order to be a successful, creative designer, one must experience a major tragedy and/or drastic personality change?

8. WTF was Joshua thinking? Was his inspiration actually a photo of a hot dog stand condiments counter?

9. How in the world did Project Runway All Stars get Tavi to guest judge a mid-season ep? Does she assume probably no one’s watching anyway?

10. Does Emilio’s dress remind anyone else of a fluffy high fashion omelet?

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Suzanne Snyder Alek Wek

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