Friday, 2 November 2012

10 Questions for Project Runway All Stars Season 2

Photo: Lifetime

1. Laura, maybe the other designers didn’t choose you because no one could remember your name?

2. Does Wendy honestly think it’s a good thing to get inspired by Suede’s outfits?

3. Could the producers please provide us with some photographic evidence of Joanna Coles going to lots of discos?

4. Confuse me… did Kayne organize this clearly detrimental disco dance break himself?

5. Where did Project Runway find this monotone Karl Lagerfeld robot? Where can I purchase one?

6. How many takes were necessary for Kayne to get “Ok everyone, let’s go ahead and head to the Laura Mercier makeup room.” Lorimeer See-yay.

7. How come Uli is so all-about the ‘new Uli?’ Wasn’t it the ‘old Uli’ who got her onto All Stars in the first place?

8. Why am I so amused by/in love with Andre? Why?

9. Are the judges going to agree on anything this season?

10. How is Wendy Pepper gone already? Shouldn’t the producers have kept her around if only for the obvious entertainment value?

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