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‘Homeland,’ Season 2, Episode 9, ‘Two Hats’: TV Recap

It’s been 12 hours since Roya had Brody whisked away to see Abu Nazir. Carrie is convinced that he’s dead – “if not physically than operationally.” (It’s anyone’s guess what would make her more upset – Brody’s death or the demise of the operation?) Estes decides it’s time to bring in Roya.

While the team contemplates Brody’s whereabouts, it’s revealed that the Marine is indeed still very much alive. Abu Nazir ends their brief retreat outside an abandoned warehouse – an ideal venue to quietly shoot someone. But Nazir doesn’t kill the Congressman, instead he tells a physically unscathed Brody that, “This is where we say goodbye Nicholas, forever if all goes well. You know I can not do this without you.”

In response, Brody asked Nazir to “Pray for me” and then gives him a hug. Nazir drives away leaving Brody alone in no man’s land. He immediately runs to a local pizza parlor to call Carrie. He orders her to gather up his family and bring them to a safe place. Throughout the conversation, Brody vigorously takes notes. Why? Saul considers Brody’s concern for his family a sign that he is playing for team USA. If only Saul could have witnessed that bear hug.

Estes & Co. decide to leave Roya at play while, in true – “I’m in love with a married guy” form – Carrie suggests that Mike collect Brody’s clan.

Good ol’ Mike comes to the rescue yet again, but before he safely gets Jess and the kids out of the house, he tells the forever-sullen Dana to, in a nutshell, shape up or ship out. A stunned Dana is, thankfully, at a loss for words.

Despite ordering the team to keep the CIA clear of Brody’s home, Carrie is in the neighborhood making sure everything goes as planned. As she watches the foursome load into the car, Brody calls from a payphone to tell her where to meet him.

While Brody and Carrie chat, Virgil and Max break into Quinn’s apartment. At first sight – there’s not much to look at other than a sleeping bag, some clothes, a copy of “Great Expectations” and a picture of a woman holding a newborn baby. But Virgil and Max later explain to Saul that there is more than meets the eye. The apartment is filled with intrusion devices and Quinn keeps a rifle cleaning kit. “The Man lives like he’s ready to bounce at a moment’s notice,” Virgil tells Saul. In other words – Peter Quinn is not just a CAA analyst. The woman in the picture is the mother of Quinn’s son. She’s a Philadelphia cop and she’s tough. Despite Saul’s IRS façade, she gives him nothing.

As for Carrie and Brody – they finally meet face-to-face. Brody informs Carrie that Nazir is in America and is planning an attack. Enter wild-eyed Carrie Mathison. Estes and the team proceed to interrogate Brody about his meeting with Nazir. The Congressman informs the crew that Nazir threatened to torture him and, more importantly, is planning an attack on a locked down, classified event involving a special operations group, Brody and the Vice President. Not surprisingly, Brody leaves out a few key components of the conversation including the fact that he saved Nazir’s life in Beirut and that he and the terrorist followed their conversation with a prayer. Again – leaving one to wonder, whose side is Brody on?

Not knowing that he isn’t telling the entire story, the CIA starts tracking Roya. Despite their willingness to believe his story, Quinn and Saul agree to watch Brody “like a hawk.” No one can be sure if Carrie is on the same page. What is for sure is that her decision to bring Mike into the mix was a good one – for Carrie that is. Jess and Mike end up sleeping together. The next morning, Brody gets to talk to the Mrs. and eerily informs her that, “It’s all going to be over soon.”

Meanwhile Estes briefs the Vice President about what’s going on with Nazir while Brody plays dumb. The CIA director also informs the VP that Roya’s in on the attack and plans to film it for the world to witness.

As for Quinn, Saul figures out that he’s working for a man named Daradol, who “ran company missions into Somalia from the Nairobi station.” Saul can’t figure out why he’s on the task force and Estes isn’t about to tell him.

The episode ends with Roya and Nazir’s ammunitions team being caught with a bomb outside a burger joint by both the FBI and CIA. For a brief second, the team thinks they have Nazir. Luckily for Brody, they don’t because if they had caught the “Sandman”– Quinn would have quietly killed the double agent.

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