Thursday, 1 November 2012

How to Realistically Repurpose Your Unworn Halloween Costumes

Me as Edie. Don't let that smile fool you.

My Halloween ended abruptly last Friday night at approximately 10:30pm. After days–days!–of scrounging every fast fashion store in the SoHo/NoHo area for the perfect stripy shirt, giganto chandelier earrings, and blonde pixie wig (harder to find than you’d think–get on that, Ricky’s), I’d assembled an Edie Sedgwick costume I could be proud of almost bear to have plastered across Facebook. So none of my friends had ever heard of Andy Warhol’s drug addled, tortured-souled, long deceased muse–whatever! That’s what smart phones are for.

But by some evil coincidence, I wasn’t the only one with visions of pantsless factory girls dancing through her head that evening: My Former Party Makeout’s Current Party Makeout showed up to the party wearing the exact.same.costume. And she was pissed. We’re not talking twin Edie photos and forced LOLing. I know, right? Total awkward turtle, worst-thing-ever. It was unreal. I thought these things only happened on TGIF, too. I just… I can’t even.

So that was my Halloween, over before it really had a chance to start. But while I may have theoretically burned my Halloweeny hot pants days ago because of Current Make Out–what about the rest of you who’ve undoubtedly been saving your clever “restored” Ecce Homo costume or Kimye kostumes for real Halloween (tonight), and will no longer be able to wear them because of Sandy?

I feel for you. And I want to help. Sandy may have put a major (pun time!) damper on Halloween, but you shouldn’t go rowing back to Party City, receipt in hand, just yet. I’m pretty sure most of that stuff is final sale anyway. Here are a few suggestions to repurposing your unused H’ween costumes:

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