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‘Revolution,’ Season 1, Episode 9, ‘Kashmir’: TV Recap

Tonight on “Revolution,” the music of Led Zeppelin! If this show was striving for a dose of “cool,” it has come to the right place. You don’t get cooler than the Zep! Then again, many in the TV world think the only things that matters is younger viewers and Led Zeppelin is not exactly super popular with the under-30 crowd. But, for mid-40s and up folks like me, this episode should be a ton of fun! I am looking forward to seeing how they integrate the music into the story.

By the way, the title of the episode, “Kashmir” comes from one of Led Zeppelin’s most famous songs, off their sixth album, released in 1975. Many consider “Kashmir” THE definitive Led Zeppelin song and it has made numerous lists of the greatest rock songs of all time.

So, after listening to “Kashmir” a couple times to prep myself, it is time for tonight’s recap!

We start just 20 miles outside of Philadelphia at a rebel base. Miles and Nora are trying to convince the rebels to help them get into Monroe’s base in Philly so they can rescue Danny. The rebels, understandably, are suspicious of Miles because Miles used to be the commander of the Monroe Militia. Miles promises to give the rebels “a clean shot” at Monroe. That is an opportunity they cannot turn down. Charlie feels confident, but Miles thinks they are all going to die. Charlie, Miles, Nora, Aaron, and a couple rebels enter the city… via the underground train tunnels.

As they are walking into the city, Nora and Danny are talking about Miles and Monroe’s history. Nora says Miles tried to kill Monroe before he left the militia, but Miles could not pull the trigger when the time came to do the deed. At just that moment, Charlie steps on a mine. It does not go off, but Charlie is in trouble!

Inside Monroe’s HQ, Charlie’s mother, Rachel is working on a machine to amplify the power pendants. Right now, the pendants can only power things in about an 8 foot radius. Rachel is using it to make a boom-box play “Since I’ve Been Loving you” by Led Zeppelin. Rachel explains to Maj. Neville that her amplifier will allow the pendant to power things up to a half mile around it – including tanks and airplanes. Neville is pleased… but the device isn’t ready yet.

Back at the mine with Charlie’s foot on it, Nora thinks she has deactivated the device. There is tense music as they all run. The group escapes but the mine goes off after a few seconds and activates other nearby mines. The tunnel collapses behind them. Looks like Charlie Co. and the rebels have no choice but to keep going forward… not that they had even considered going back anyway.

As the group is walking through the tunnel, Aaron is having a conversation with a young rebel named Ashley. She is great with a bow and arrow – Hunger Games anyone? – and the two of them seem to be connecting a bit. By the way, I am tempted to call the rebels on this mission “Red Shirts” in honor of the characters on Star Trek who wore red shirts and always got killed every episode. I predict right now that some of these rebels are toast!

Miles sees a militia scout run into a room to the side of the tunnel. When he investigates, there is no one there. Miles seems somewhat unsure if he can trust his own vision at the moment. Moments later, they are wading through some water and Nora becomes convinced that she is being attacked by an alligator. Again, nothing is there. Aaron figures out that the mine explosion cave-in cut off their air supply and that the lack of oxygen is causing the entire group to experience hallucinations. Well, that’s a twist I did not expect.

Our group gets to the train exit Miles expected to take, but it has been sealed by the militia. They know they need to keep looking and find an airway or they are all going to die (red shirts to die first).

Miles sees a doorway. He goes through and it is clear he is hallucinating because it is a finely decorated dining room. Monroe is there and he gives Miles a big hug… as we hear “Kashmir” playing in the background. “All will be revealed…” sings Robert Plant as we go to commercial break. I hope they play Kashmir some more!

We come back to the Monroe-Miles hallucination and Kashmir isn’t playing any more. Bummer. Miles knows this is not reality, but he cannot pull himself out of it. Monroe says, “You look tired, brother.” He asks Miles why he left. Miles says the blood just got to be too much. Monroe says he knows Miles’ dirty little secret – that if Monroe offered to let him return, Miles just might accept the offer. “You’re scared, Miles,” he says. At that moment, Miles snaps out of it.

The group continues to march through the tunnels. Now it is Aaron’s turn to hallucinate. He is seeing visions of his wife walking alongside him. She keeps asking why he left her, why he could not protect her. He is trying not to acknowledge the vision, but she keeps on talking and it is getting to him.

Another side note – we are now 40+ minutes into the episode and our group is still in the tunnels. There is no way they will get to some big confrontation with Monroe this episode. The hallucination tunnel is a good way of stretching this confrontation out over a couple episodes!

The group comes to a doorway that seems to be leaking air. Miles and the rebel leader burst through it. One of the red shirt rebels says, “We’re all going to live.” Just then, the rebel leader turns and shoots that man in the chest. He blows away another redshirt too before ducking through the doorway and putting up something to block it. Turns out he was an undercover militia member and he wants to take Miles back to Monroe.

Charlie Co. and the rebels get through the doorway and are pursuing Miles and the undercover militiaman. The bad guy shoots Aaron’s rebel friend, Ashley, but Charlie gets off a crossbow bolt that takes him out. However, Charlie has been hit by a bullet.

Charlie opens her eyes and is in a room with her dead father. The scene seems to imply that Charlie is in Heaven or something like that. Her father comforts her and says she looks like she needs to rest. Meanwhile, in the real world, we see Miles over Charlie’s body. A bullet has grazed her head – it looks bad but not nearly fatal. As her father is telling Charlie to rest and close her eyes, Miles is begging her to open them. Time for another commercial.

Charlie is still in her dream world with her father. She figures out that this world is not real. Her father wants her to stay here with him. She wants to stay, but knows she needs to get back to reality to save Danny. Back with Miles, Charlie opens her eyes.

After resting a few hours, Charlie is ready for them to get moving again. Miles says they can afford to rest a while longer. Charlie tells Miles he saved her.

They approach a door that should take them to the surface, into Philadelphia. It is probably worth noting at this point that all the redshirts are dead. Charlie, Nora, Miles, and Aaron are the only ones still alive.

We check in again with Rachel working on the power amplifier. Monroe comes in and says Maj. Neville does not trust Rachel. They bring in one of Rachel’s former colleagues, Dr. Jaffe to inspect the device. He says it is actually a bomb. Monroe says he doesn’t need Rachel any more because he now has Jaffe. He and Neville clearly plan to kill Rachel and her son, Danny. Rachel grabs a screwdriver and stabs Jaffe in the heart. He dies. Rachel somewhat calmly says, “Now you need me.” Ha! Sweet!!

And the episode is over! The previews say next week if the “Fall Finale,” and it certainly looks like the action is being ramped up in the episode! This episode was short on real story development, but I enjoyed the hallucinations, especially Miles’. There was a lot less Led Zeppelin than I thought there would be, which was a bummer and felt a bit like false advertising, considering how much NBC promoted it. Still, it feels like the show is building to a big mid-season finish and I cannot wait for next Monday!

That’s enough from me. Time for you to post your thoughts so we can chat! Leave a comment and we can continue the conversation.

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