Conan O'Brien

Sarah Silverman might have managed to embarrass late-night talk show Conan O’Brien, but the actress was only doing her part to bring lady bits to the mainstream.

Silverman used her iPhone to take a photo of Conan’s lips. Once she had perfected the image she wanted, she then turned it sideways and displayed it in between her thighs, so that it resembled that of a vagina. Of course, it wasn’t a vagina. Even though Conan knew that it was his own lips, that didn’t stop the host from stepping away from his chair and pacing in embarrassment.

This left edgy comedian Silverman basking in the glow of Conan’s discomfort. As she explained, “I think it’s good to get used to the lady parts and not make them shame-filled things.”

Sidekick Andy Richter had the last laugh, though, when he snidely quipped to the talk show host, “Now I really wish you still had the beard.”