Tuesday, 20 November 2012

‘The Voice’: Top 10 Perform Live: TV Recap

For this evening’s show, I put the contestants into three categories: met expectations, exceeded, missed. Tuesday  we’ll see the voters’ views.
Readers, please share yours.

Nicholas David: Loved the song (“Lean on Me”), loved the rendition.
Melanie Martinez: She really gets most-improved after the last two performances. (I finally realized who she looks like with that bow … Minnie Mouse.)
Trevin Hunte: He went out of his comfort zone with a more upbeat song, and delivered.

Terry McDermott: About the same as his typically good performance.
Cody Belew: He was his standard cooky self.
Dez Duron: He has improved, to a point.
Sylvia Yacoub: One of her stronger nights.
Cassadee Pope: No complaints.

Bryan Keith: The judges said they liked his performance of Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind. To me, it was a hard bar to meet, and he didn’t.
Amanda Brown. Maybe my hopes are too high. But I just haven’t felt whatever moved me so in the earlier rounds.

Jennifer Garner Elena Anaya

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