Monday, 26 November 2012

‘The Voice’: The Top Eight Perform Live

Tonight let’s focus on Nicholas David.

He seems the least likely contender to prevail in a program like this. He’s older than most of his rivals, and far geekier. With Nicholas, you don’t get short skirts or a jerking head, or jumping.

Not only does he have two kids, but we learned tonight he has another on the way.

I thought I was something of an outlier in hearting Nicholas earlier in this contest. But now, at least based on last week’s voting, it seems he’s among those in the lead. That suggests either that the demographics of this show’s audience skew older than I realized. Or, viewers of whatever age see past the clothes and the sets and truly appreciate the voice.

This evening, Nicholas sang what Adam called an “incredibly soulful song.” It was “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. I’m no fan of the Big Chill soundtrack. But I do tip my hat to Nicholas for a distinctive performance.

Otherwise, Trevin Hunte was a highlight. Cee Lo picked Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of All, and what a pick it was. “Learning to love yourself, it is the great, est, love … of all.” Beautifully rendered.

Cassadee Pope, she’s growing on me. She has a real voice. But I don’t think it’s THE voice.

Otherwise, I can’t pluck out too much particularly noteworthy. (I confess to having missed Melanie Martinez.)

Dez Duron didn’t seem to blow away the judges besides his, Christina, whose praise was over the top. But that’s understandable as he’s her last shot.

I personally think the time has come for Dez and Cody Belew to go.


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