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‘Vampire Diaries,’ Season 4, Episode 4, ‘The Five’: TV Recap

So WHAT is up with Connor being one of “The Five”  and why is Klaus the only one who knows on Vampire Diaries?
Jeremy and Damon realize that there were no remains at the big blow-up so they know Connor is still out there.
But first Damon has to teach Elena how to catch, drink and forget, so he’s taking her to college with Bonnie.  Professor Shane, who is kind of hot, is teaching the class that was taught by Bonnie’s grandmother (the one tortured when Bonnie tried to bring Elena back from the undeadish.)
Klaus and Rebekah tangle again.  He tells her the Brotherhood of the Five still exist. Connor is all locked up in Klaus’ house and is mum despite torture. Turns out the Brotherhood of Five are skilled hunters that Klaus met in Italy.  Klaus tells Stefan to bring Becky on over to meet Connor and he’ll get all his questions answered.
Note: did anyone figure out what was up with the weird wrinkles that Elena and Rebekah had last week? Did they just go away? -
April and Rebekah are all friends like now.  Stefan says he can give Rebekah a clean slate if she gives him info about The Five. He can’t forgive her for what she did for Elena, but he can start over. He wants everyone to just get along.
Elena isn’t very good at the college girl stalking. She tells the girl not to scream, but when she sees she has a little sister, Elena freaks out and tells her to go away. Damon doesn’t understand why it’s a big deal.
They all go to a frat party that night. Damon doesn’t think Elena will care about sucking on jerky frat boys.
At a little dinner party between Klaus, Rebekah and Stefan, we find out that the hunters have some sort of amazing vampire weapon.  The  tattoos may be a map to the weapon and they are going to make Jeremy help them because he’s the only one who can see the tattoos.
It’s frat party time and Bonnie is schmoozy with Professor Shane. Elena decides to pick on a guy because she saw him put some drugs in a girl’s drink. Damon reminds her not to kill anyone.  She’s all bloody and happy. She feels good! She wants more!  Great.
Connor wants to know why Jeremy is helping the vampires.  Klaus wants to know more about the tattoos.  Turns out there’s a sword that’s a key to the map.  The destiny of the brotherhood is to end all of the vampires.  Rebekah found all this out because she loved this guy who was a vampire hunter, and he stabbed her and tried to kill her family. They only lived because they were hybrids.
Klaus then went on to kill all the vampire hunters, and when they die the tattoos disappear.  There hasn’t been another one for 900 years.
Rebekah and Klaus are fighting again. She says he wants to cure Elena and mass produce hybrids. Stefan will go search for the sword so that he can cure Elena from being a vampire.
The professor tells Bonnie he can help practice magic safely. He’s happy to help her. mmmhmmm.
Elena is having a right bloody time at the frat party. She’s giving the hickeys left and right. At least wipe your mouth girl, that’s just rude.  Damon, of course, thinks this is hot. Bonnie says Damon let her get out of control. Damon says he can make it fun, and that’s why he’s not a ripper.
Back at Klaus’s.  Apparently the tattoos grow whenever a hunter kills again. Connor steals a nail and works to unleash himself from Klaus’s trap.
Rebekah goes to Stefan’s. She said she wanted a cure at one point. Stefan says Elena will one day kill a human, and then she’ll be sad and guilty instead of feeling love and compassion.   Stefan says he’d take the cure with Elena.
Becky says she believed the hunter when he said he loved her, but she just can’t help Stefan and let Klaus get what he wants. She says she buried the hunter with his sword at the place where they were going to get married.
The Klaus appears with the poisoned dagger and stabs Rebekah.  Klaus tells Stefan to make sure Jeremy forgets everything and that no one can know about the cure.
Elena tells Damon that she believes him when he describes what a vampire should be. But Damon doesn’t think she should be like him. Stefan walks in.  Elena says she learned how to feed.  She says it was awful and she got caught up in it and she can’t live like this.
Stefan tells her to hold on.
Connor then escapes, and his tattoo grows more. And where does he go? To visit Professor Shane, of course. Interesting!

Next week: Jeremy is taken hostage. And something else explodes.

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