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‘The Vampire Diaries,’ Season 4, Episode 8, ‘We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street’: TV Recap

Ok, what is up with Professor Shane?  What does he know? Who is he? And how does he know everything?

On tonight’s “Vampire Diaries,” we don’t get many answers.

But first, remember that Elena and Stefan broke up? She’s now with Damon and they’re vampiring it up in bed. Does the fact that Elena is Damon’s sire have anything to do with their sparks?

We don’t know, but we know that whatever Damon says, becomes true.

If he says blood from a bag tastes, bad, she can’t drink it.

Elena wants to share their sexy lovefest with the world, or particularly, with Stefan. How is this a good idea?

Stefan shows up after Elena leaves and tells Damon about the bond

- Damon doesn’t believe it.  But he tests it and it’s true.

Tyler and Hailey are trying to break another hybrid bond – this time to Aiden, Klaus’s favorite dude,

The sire bond exists because the hybrids are grateful to Klaus.

Caroline says that there’s no equivalent for breaking vampire bonds.

That she knows of.

Hailey and Professor Shane are having a chat. He says they have to have 12 unsired hybrids. So far they have 11. Shane wants to use Tyler, but Hailey says he’s off limits.

Damon and Stefan are having a good time rolling down memory lane and suddenly we’re in New Orleans in the 40s. Apparently Damon hooked up with a crazy girl and then found a witch to help break the sire bond.

Caroline and Elena and Bonnie are having a nice girls night.

Bonnie has a special “herb” that goes into tea. Then there is dancing

and girl hugging.   Caroline makes Elena feel bad about Damon being a

manslut.  Elena tells the two of them that she slept with Damon and she’s happy and falling in love with him.

Caroline tells Elena that Damon is her sire.  Elena freaks out.

And then we’re back in The Big Easy. Damon and Stefan are having a fight over, what else, Elena.  Stefan says Elena can’t see how wrong Damon is for her.  And then they’re back in the 40s, when Stefan was fighting not to be the Ripper.

Damon’s old sire, Charlotte, is still there, counting bricks, waiting for Damon.  She leads them to a witch, who is the great-grandmother who says all the spells were lost in Katrina. Plus it needs 12 human souls.  Damon and Stefan leave and then go back.

The witch tells them that there isn’t really a spell to break the vampire sire bond. That the vampire only bonds to her sire if she has feelings before they turn.  The only way to break it is for the sire to tell her to stop thinking about him and then leave and set her free.  That’s the only way around the sire bond.  I think that’s going to be a problem.

Hailey tells Tyler that he needs to put Kim in her place because he needs to be the alpha werewolf. Kim and Adrian decide to pick a fight instead.

Back at Damon’s house, Kim and Adrian show up. They steal Caroline. Tyler and Elena go looking for Caroline. Tyler tells her that the sire bond affects how someone acts, not feels.

Kim is torturing Caroline.  Elena offers to step in Caroline’s place, and then Tyler attacks Kim. He tells her to submit or die.  She says she’s sorry.  Then everyone kneels in allegiance.

Back in New Orleans, Damon tells his old siregirl that she should never think of him again and she will find someone new.  Stefan says Damon isn’t going to be able to do that with Elena.

Elena asks Caroline not to share the info about her shacking it up with Damon.

Hailey goes to Shane and says the 12 hybrids are ready. Shane tells her that her parents are dead, but that doesn’t mean she can’t see them again. Because they’re just at the beginning.

Stefan tells Caroline that Damon loves Elena as much as he does.

Elena says he doesn’t want Damon to set her free. Damon says he’s not the good guy, but he has to do right by her. And then she seduces him again.

Next week: The mid-season finale and they try to take down Klaus.

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