Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Andre Leon Talley on Mick Jagger: ‘He’s Like a Dandelion’

This man is genius.

Between waxing poetic about Uggs, and defending Condoleeza Rice’s lipstick-on-teeth incident, there’s no question that Andre Leon Talley certainly has a way with words.

Most recently, he put his linguistic talent to good use to review a Rolling Stones concert for And, well, let’s just say we don’t think anyone would have reviewed the concert in quite the same way. Read on for the greatest quotes from the piece.

On Lady Gaga‘s likeness to a miniature horse:

Gaga [...] looked like a little Shetland pony as she gayly walked toward her room.

On the fragility of Sarah Jessica Parker‘s son…and his designer wardrobe:

I found Sarah Jessica Parker, with her son in an old pair of Dior kid’s jeans, worrying about the high volumes and resolving the problem by finding earphones to put over her child’s delicate ears

On Mick Jagger’s likeness to a lawn-destructing weed–or a mid-20th Century actress:

Mick Jagger on stage is like a dandelion floating in the air [...] He needs no gym instructor… dancing, microphone in hand, [he] exudes the same intense brilliance of Marlene Dietrich

On leaving the party early:

Though “Satisfaction” ended at 11:26, according to The Star-Ledger timeline, he was still doing his incredibly sexy Jagger dance-a-thon at 11:33 p.m. I, however, was already in my car at 11:21 to avoid the crush of VIP cars heading out of the back of Prudential.

How much do you think ALT charges to write biographies? Because I want him to do mine.

Lillian Muller Hedy Burress

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