Elle Fanning in Bullett

It seems like such a short time ago that Elle Fanning was just a little girl, known only as Dakota Fanning‘s little sister. Boy have times changed, and the actress proved it on the cover of Bullett magazine.

14-year-old Fanning spoke about her new film, “Gina & Rosa.” She explained, “It’s a monster — 12 pages or something crazy like that. In the rehearsals before we’d even started shooting, Christina [Hendricks] and I were like, oh, that scene! and after each day, we’d say we’re getting closer… When the day finally came, I felt like I was genuinely going to explode, and on the first take I literally just blew up. Maybe it was a combination of the nerves and also listening to the scene play out. Each time we did it, we’d start from the beginning. We film it for two days and afterwards I felt so fresh. It totally got everything out of my body.”

She also admitted that having an older, successful and talented sister wasn’t all bad. “They were like, ‘You look just like Dakota. Can you come and just swing on this swing with Sean Penn?’ And that was my first acting job.”

Read more in the latest issue of Bullett magazine, available now.