Heidi Klum in Forbes Life

Heidi Klum looks lovely on the cover of Forbes Life’s December 2012 issue. Inside, she opened up about modeling and parenthood.

The supermodel knows how lucky she’s been. She told Forbes Life, “I think it’s pretty glamorous to wear $10,000 gowns. I get paid to, like, frolic on beaches. I’ve eaten the most amazing meals, stayed in amazing hotels. I’ve seen the world because of this job. I’ve been so lucky, you know.”

When it comes to family, Klum didn’t mince words. “I’m okay with people speculating about my job but not my family. They said I left my children at home and went and lived at a hotel. I would never leave my children! It’s hard for me to balance work and family, just like it is for any parent.”

Read more in the latest issue of Forbes Life, available now.