Wednesday, 19 December 2012

You Gotta Write for Your Fight To Party

Filmmaker Paul Haggis has made the rounds at New York events, benefits, and parties, and now the Oscar-winning filmmaker is working on a movie about a party reporter who covers those affairs. Rumors have long circled the project, and Haggis elaborated on it at a brunch for Richard Gere’s “Arbitrage” on Tuesday, held at Monkey Bar and sponsored by fashion brand Brioni. “I’ve met several of you, and I thought it’s an interesting job,” Haggis said. “The character is a young authoress, and I thought, ‘Oh, a party reporter.’ She’s someone who wants to be taken seriously as an author, and the guy she’s seeing says, ‘Please, you’re a party reporter!’ It’s an interesting job for someone who wants to be taken seriously as a journalist.” Among actual New York City party reporters, buzz about the film has led to a guessing game about who the character may be based on. But “it’s none of you, sadly,” Mr. Haggis said, diplomatically. And, specifically, “it’s not based on you,” he added to me. His loss!

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